Sukhoi Su-24M Fencer-D 1/48

Trumpeter SU-24M FENCER-D   1/48 Scale


Trumpeter 1/48 scale, box number 02835. There are more than 600 parts in a big and nice box.

More than half of the parts for armaments. There are very rich variety and almost all kind of russian aircraft weapons can be build.

Parts are grey plastic and has engraved panels. Rivet detail is very weak.

Radar section can be build open and kit gives nice detail for that in the radome.

Wings are swing wing. Spoiler over wings can be positioned up and flaps are extended. But you should fix wing unswept. If you want sweptback wing, spoiler must be down and flaps are retracted as i did which is very hard modification is needed. Because wings are cannot be build with flaps up. No place over wing for that.

Nose landing gear strut is optional, metal or plastic. Main landing gear strus are plastic but there are metal support core inside. Tires and rims are seperated. Tires are black nylon, rims are plastic.


  • Intakes are detailless thatswhy i made FOD cover from evergreen plastic.
  • Cockpit and seats are Aires resin. Instrument panel is colorless photoetch.
  • Wheel bays are from Aires resin.
  • B-13L rocket tubes are Aerobonus resin.
  • ZAB-100 bombs are Advanced Modeling resin.
  • Pilots are from Aerobonus resin
  • Ladder is handmade from evergreen plastic.
  • Chock is handmade from evergreen plastic.
  • Decals are from kits decal.

img_4883 img_4882 img_4880 img_4876 img_4834 img_4836 img_4837 img_4838 img_4839 img_4843 img_4845 img_4846 img_4848 img_4849 img_4850 img_4851 img_4852 img_4853 img_4856 img_4857 img_4860 img_4861 img_4862 img_4871 img_4865 img_4866 img_4868 img_4869

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