MIG-29A FULCRUM – Weapons And Loading Cart

I decided to make four B-8 rocket tubes as weapon loading for my Mig-29 instead of air to air missiles.

Eduard resin sets was used for rocket tubes and correct launchers for rocket tubes.

Also rocket loading cart ordered at that time to give goodly finish for my Mig-29 works.

A lot of resin parts need some good time for cutting from their resin blocks, trimming and sanding.

After about four hours of busy working time they become ready for painting.

All parts painted with acrylics, weathered, some extra decals applied and weathered again.

Last good improviement for launchers. Resin parts drilled with 0.3mm drill to make rocket tube stabilizer wedges from streched sprue. 40 hole opened and filled with 40 streched sprue parts.

Final results are perfect. Parts are very small but looks very realistic.

Rocket Loading Cart:

Rocket Tubes:

And Launchers:

End of this section.

2 thoughts on “MIG-29A FULCRUM – Weapons And Loading Cart”

  1. Çok gerçekçi olmuş. Ufak bir detay ama (tuhaf detaylara takılırım) yükleme arabasının tekerlerine özellikle bayıldım.


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