E-2C HAWKEYE – Building Steps 1

Next model is Hasegawa E-2C HAWKEYE 2000 ‘U.S NAVY’. 1/72 scale box number Hasegawa 01561-E31.

I am using some extras:

Quickboost 4 blade resin propeller:

Eduard E-2C photoetch set. Cockpit is colored photoetch:

Wolfpack E-2C Hawkeye folding wing set:

Authentic Decals E-2C Hawkeye/Hawkeye 2000 with full stencils

Eduard mask for E-2C:

Dry fit the fuselage. Almost no fitting problem. One of the perfect Hasegawa kit.

Main cockpit parts. At that scale detail is weak normaly.

Some few improvements scratch with evergreen plastic parts.

Nose wheel bay parts. There are some mold line need to remove or closed.

Nose wheel bay is detailed using with stretched sprue, some wire and plastics.

Cockpit sidewalls are detailed. Kit is need at least 30g weight to nose section because of heavy resin Wolfpack Wing folding set.

Clear parts of kit is recolored with mix of colors shown on picture.

Base colors applied.

Nose wheel bay after detail painting. Note the decals are extra.

Cockpit after detail painting and later colored Eduard photoetch applications. Note the some of colored photoetch parts also need some painting and highlights like seatbelts.

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