E-2C HAWKEYE – Building Steps 2

Tail parts are cleaned.

Base wing cutting for Folding Wing set.

Remarked black cutting lines refered to Wolfpack intructions.

And main wings after trimming.

Cockpit is placed to the fuselage

And body is closed. Zap CA glue used mainly to make stronger assembly.

Dry fit the clear part. Perfect fitting.

Engine assembly with Tamiya extra thin glue. No fitting problem at all.

Wolfpack resin parts needs some cutting, sanding and rescribing.

After a lot of sanding and dry fitting inner resin parts placed to its proper area.

Main wheel bay and inner resin needs some improvement. I used evergreen plastic and stretched sprue again.

Some small cable work inside the cockpit before closing canopy

Clear parts glued. Joinning lines looks good after paint check. Note the green overhead windows. Tamiya clear green used for recoloring.

Coining of kits clear navigation lights parts and resin wings. Clear lights painted with Tamiya clear green and red from inside. Glued with CA glue. Sanded and polished. Red one is after sanding greeen one is after sanding and polishing.

Eduard masks applied.

Rotodome strut dry fitting  is shown picture below. Only fitting problem is here. No seamless assembly.

Normally fitting should be like that. Even no panel lines.

To make fill the gaps and make more strong assembly i glued with CA glue. But now i need lot of difficult sanding work.

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