E-2C HAWKEYE – Building Steps 3

After sanding the result is acceptable. Note the chrome color used to find out if there is a defect.

Handholds on the radar base are need to improve.

Remove the handholders, sand them slightly,  and make some drill.

Replace all plastic handholder with  more realistic metal wire ones.

Angle of attack probe replaced with some part of a needle tip.


First base color with acrylic grey.

Later different colors airbrushed and masked for next step.

All different color parts masked before main color application.

Main painting was made according to light effect.Lighter color tones for upper surface, darker tones for lower. After painting, sponge weathering applied all surface with diluted darker tone of main color.

Note the darker tones on lower surface.

Sponge weathering is easiest weathering technique. Just need a piece of sponge and diluted color. I used same color but darker tone of main color.

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