E-2C HAWKEYE – Building Steps 4

After panel lines drawing with pencil gloss coat is applied which is X-22 Tamiya. Thick layer is need at least 1 day drying time.

Some close up looking the different colored parts after mask removing.

Decals are from Authentic Decals. Extra thin decals ever i used before. It is nice but they are very fragile. If you leave them is water too much (15-20 second more) decals start to break into peace. Here some examples after the applications.

To solve the problem that i used:

First let it to dry.

Sand all broken decals with very fine sand paper. I used nail polisher. This makes all broken parts same level with surface.

And paint the all broken parts.

Decals at tail sections are masked and painted again.

After decal problem solved which is take 2-3 day for me, i applied another gloss coat. Let it to dry one day.

Next photos after oil paint weathering to imitate NAVY aircraft lighter spots.

Next steps coming soon…