E-2C HAWKEYE – Building Steps 6

Quickboost resin propellers painted black and sealed with gloss coat varnish.

Black colors masked for next step airbrush painting.

White propeller tips airbrushed.

Red strips and deice pads painted with brush. Some chipping effect added to all different color areas. Decals applied than after gloss coat varnish.

And result after matt coat.

Walkways added as a decal. This decals from Hasegawa kits original decal.

Footprints added with pencil.

Result of resin wing folded sets after painting, weathering etc.

Left inner wing before and after…

Right inner wing before and after…

Left wing…

Right wing…

Other parts of resin set.

Main wheel bays…

Lower tail sections and hook..

Beacon lights…

Landing gear parts are ready…

Landing gear door parts are ready…

E-2C is completely ready for final assembly.

Dry-pastel weathering applied all areas after landing gear parts added.

F.O.D covers are sctratch build.

Antennas painted.

And all antennas weathered after assembly.

Wire antennas made withs fishing line.

Final touch. Photoetch windshield wipers.

Click for finished model photos.