F-100 Super Sabre in Turkish Air Force Volume – 1

Written by the military aviation historian Levent Başara, this book offers a lavishly illustrated account of 30-year adventure of the “Mighty F-100” in the Turkish Air Force, the second largest F-100 operator after the USAF.

The Contents of Volume One:

  • The Introduction of F-100s to the Turkish Air Force
  • Nuclear Strike Missions
  • The Selection of Pilots
  • First Squadron Symbols and Nose-Arts
  • The Dawn Patrol Movie
  • Best Hit Competitions
  • A Selection of F-100D and F-100F Photos
  • The Introduction of F-100Cs

Prepared in Turkish and English, the book is 64 pages in full color. It includes around 150 photographs, most of which have not been published before, from the Turkish Air Force archives and from private collections both in Turkey and abroad.

F-100 Super Sabre in Turkish Air Force Volume – 1 is the launch volume of series of military aviation books in Turkey.

This research study is a top reference book for all the aviation enthusiasts, especially for scale modelers.

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