F-100 Super Sabre in Turkish Air Force, Volume-2

Written by the military aviation historian Levent Başara, this book completes the adventure of the “Mighty F-100” in the Turkish Air Force.

The Contents of Volume Two:

  • F-100s Over Cyprus (1963)
  • F-100s in Cyprus Peace Operation (1974)
  • Danish F-100s
  • Combat Readiness Training with F-100s
  • The Withdrawal of F-100s
  • Back to the USA
  • Terminal Station: Scrapyard
  • Remains of F-100
  • Miscellaneous F-100 Photos
  • Serial Numbers
  • Roster of F-100 Pilots Lost

Prepared in Turkish and English, the book is 76 pages in full color. It includes around 230 photographs, most of which have not been published before, from the Turkish Air Force archives and from private collections both in Turkey and abroad.

  The information given shows the F-100s once again bore the brunt of air-to-ground operations like they did in Vietnam. In another chapter, the attempt to send the remaining F-100s to the USA is told by the writer which makes the story highly stunning as one of the ferried F-100F still flies.

In the second volume, beautiful drawings of the F-100s in different colors were also given to help modelers.

Finally, at the back of the book, the serials numbers of all F-100 Super Sabre aircraft that entered the Turkish Air Force inventory gives the aviation enthusiasts and researchers a valuable reference.

F-100 Super Sabre in Turkish Air Force Volume-2 is the second book of the series which will follow the other types of fighter aircraft flown by the Turkish Air Force.

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