Su-33 Flanker D – Building Steps 2

Wolfpack resin nose gear bay compared with Revell Su-27SM nose gear bay. There is no big difference. Left one is resin.

Main landing gear bay comes photo etch from Wolfpack Wheel Bay set. They are painted and detailed before install.

Resin wings are attached with CA glue.

As i told before, trimming phase is most important phase. After my wrong trimming aplication, much more work needs to recover it later.

All gaps are filled with CA glue. Lots of sanding and no more wing panel detail.

All panel and rivet details scribed again.

Deleted raised detail created with evergreen plastic.

Basic shape of open radome.

Canopy of hasegawa Su-33. There is mold line along the canopy. First this must be removed. Also front part of canopy is different color than the rear canopy according to refference photo of Su-33. Front part is dipped in Tamiya clear yellow + clear (Tamiya X-22) mix. Rear part is dipped in only clear (x-22).

Photo etch HUD .

Canopy inner frame made with metal tape.

Compass and wiring.

Su-33 Flanker D – Building Steps 3