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New Project – Mig-29A Fulcrum

MIG-29A FULCRUM A – Starting A New Project


Mig-29A Fulcrum plastic model kit 1/48 scale produced by Academy Plastic Model Co.,Ltd at 1993 with box number 2116.

Total 7 plastic parts tree one of them clear parts for canopy.

Panel line details are all good engraved and sharp. Some rivet details are rised rivets needs remove.

Weak cockpit and wheel bays as a standart at that years product.

Air brake can be position open or closed and details is not bad.

Canopy can only be build closed if the kit not supported by detail sets.

Weapon loading are for air to air mission. Kit gives a pair of R-27,R-73 and R-60MK.

Decals for three camouflage pattern: Two pattern for German Air Force and the other for Iraqi Air Force.

Extras are going to use in this building:

  1. Aires Cockpit Set
  2. Aires Wheel Bays
  3. Aires Exhaust Nozzles
  4. Aires AirBrakes
  5. Master Model Pitot Tubes
  6. Eduard Wheels
  7. Eduard Photoetch Interrior set
  8. Montex Canopy Masks
  9. Quickboost Mig-29 Sensing Units
  10. Quickboost Mig-29 Correct Nose
  11. Aerobonus Moders Soviet Pilot
  12. Aerobonus R-60 Missile
  13. Aerobonus R-73 Missile
  14. Miniarm R-27ER