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F-102 Delta Dagger in Turkish Air Force

Written by the military aviation historian Levent Başara, this book tells the short story of the “F-102 Delta Dagger” in the Turkish Air Force.

Prepared in Turkish and English, the book is 76 pages in full color. It includes around 280 photographs (most of which have not been published before) from the Turkish Air Force archives and from private collections both in Turkey and abroad. The details of the air defence sorties performed by the F-102s over Aegean Sea in 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation is the most interesting part of the book. The information given shows that F-102s successfully completed the interception missions. In another chapter, the writer tells about the reasons of the early retirement of the Delta Daggers. Beautiful drawings of the F-102s in different colors were also given to help modelers. Finally, at the back of the book, the serials numbers of all F-102 Delta Dagger aircraft that entered the Turkish Air Force inventory gives the aviation enthusiasts and researchers a valuable reference. F-102 Delta Dagger in Turkish Air Force is the third book of the series which will follow the other types of fighter aircraft flown by the Turkish Air Force.


  • Development of the F-102
  • The Introduction of the F-102 to the Turkish Air Force

  • Pilot Selection and Training

  • The F-102 in Cyprus Peace Operation

  • Decommissioning of the F-102

  • The Surviving F-102s

  • Miscellaneous F-102 Photos

  • Serial Numbers


This research study is a top reference book for all the aviation enthusiasts, especially for scale modelers.

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F-16D Fighting Falcon- Chapter 1

Italeri F-16D Fighting Falcon 1/48 – Main Fuselage Details

Kınetic reboxed by Italeri F-16D kit is completed after 5 month works. Kit converted Block 50+  with some additions from Hasegawa F-16 Block 52+.

Livery is for F-16D Block 50+ from 161.squadron 6.Main Jet Base – Bandırma.

This kit is builded to show some scratch build open panel works.

24 scratch build, 8 resin, total 32 open panel builded in 1/48 scale.

The other additions are:

  • Resin cockpit and seats.
  • Resin wheel bays and tires.
  • Resin exhaust nozzle.
  • Resin weapons.
  • Resin Sniper pod.
  • Some photoetch additions like Remove Before Flags.
  • Scratch build FOD covers.

Detailed building phases published in IN PROGRESS section.

This section is for main kits look after finish.Detailed open panel pictures are going to publish later.

Click for Kit Detail

End of this section.

North American F-100D Super Sabre

North American F-100D Super Sabre – Trumpeter 1/48



Trumpeter 1/48 scale, box number 02822, F-100D Thunderbirds kit is converted to Turkish Air Force F-100D Super Sabre.

Kit has totally engraved panel lines and rivets but they are very weak. Fortunately kits plastic is soft so i re-scribed and re-rivet all detail easily.


Movable surfaces like rudder, flaps/slats can be build active position. I prefer closed slats instead of open because lack of detail.

Landing gear struts was detailed with some wire and streched sprue.

img_2851 img_2850

No canopy detail coming with kit. I added some Evergreen plastic .

Landing gear bay doors re-builded to make more accurate. I used some part of kit, Evergreen plastic and sprue.

img_2821 img_2822 img_2831

Pilots body and head are from another kit. Arms are spare resin arms, parachute is shaped epoxy putty. Seat is resin.

img_2823 img_2847 img_2866


  • Resin cockpit (Aires)
  • Colorless photoetch instrument panel (Aires)
  • Seat (Aires)
  • Wheel bays (Aires)
  • Exhaust nozzle (Aires)
  • Wheels (Aires)
  • Resin nose
  • Metal pitot tube
  • Stencils (Cam Pro Series F-100D)
  • Decals (Microscale Super Sabre of Turkish Air Force)
  • Bombs (Hasegawa Weapon Sets)
  • Paints (Vallejo Acrylics)
  • Reference Sources: F-100 SUPER SABRE IN TURKISH AIR FORCE Volume 1/2 by LEVENT BASARA

IMG_4357 IMG_4358 IMG_4359 IMG_4364 IMG_4365 IMG_4370 IMG_4373 IMG_4374 IMG_4375 IMG_4376 IMG_4377 IMG_4378 IMG_4380 IMG_4379 IMG_4383 IMG_4385 IMG_4387 IMG_4388 IMG_4390 IMG_4393 IMG_4394 IMG_4396 IMG_4397


Turkish Air Force F-102 Delta Dagger


Encore Models, 1/48 scale F-102 kit. Box number is 48001. This kit has totally raised panel lines on grey stiff plastic. There are some fitting problem mentioned in progress page. Wing are CASE XX wing in this box. The kit includes colored photo-etch set for cockpit and colorless photo-etch set as a detail set. The kit also includes resin detail set for cockpit, seat, air intake, radome, flight control surfaces, tires and AIM-4 missiles. Air intakes are seamless but i found some bubble over surface. It is your choice to use resin or plastic. There is same work for filling bubble on resin or filling plastic intake to make seamless. This kit can be built with or without any detail set. Because there is no big difference with resin and plastic as a shape. But you need good trim work for resin, plastic ones are almost clean parts. Kits plastic parts are well detailed like resin parts thats why i used only tire set and glare shield as resin. Kit has a sitting pilot. Canopy is optional but recommended open position because of fitting problem around clear canopy. Also there are detailed photo-etch parts for canopy area, if you make canopy closed you dont need to use photo-etch because unable to see. Main landing gear bays are well detailed also have some photo-etch detail set for that area. Speed brake and missile bay door are optional open or closed position. Also missile lunch rail can be built deployed or retracted. Resin elevons and rudder are positionable.

Pilot is from Aero Bonus.

Decals are from Hobbytime Decal – HTD 72004.

All paints are Vallejo Acrylics.

I did some corrections listed below:

  • All raised panel lines were re-scribed.
  • Some wires were added nose gear bay to improve inside.
  • Case XX wings were converted to Case X wings.
  • Seamless air intake from plastik parts.
  • More detailed pilot was added.
  • Glareshield and its cover was added from plastic and metal tape.
  • Wing fins were re-builded from plastic.
  • External tank pylons were re-builded from plastic.
  • Navigation lights were detailed with addition of clear plastic.
  • And a lot of filling and scribing work.

For more detail and working steps go to IN PROGRESS page.





Turkish Air Force F-5A-2000 Kinetic 1/48


This is a nice kit from Kinetic, box number 48020, 1/48 scale. Engraved panel lines has nice depth. Generally no fitting problem. Canopy can be build open position but i prefered closed because of modernized cockpit mentioned below. Flap/Slat can be make extend or retract position. There is not much detail in landing gear bays also struts.

Kit gives F-5A cockpit but my aircraft is F-5A-2000 modernized. Their cockpits and avionics are improved as much as possible like F-16. Because these F-5’s were used for training before F-16 squadrons. To make this modernized cockpit first i ordered F-5E cockpit detail set(aires), that was not enough. I had to add some multi function displays. But i didnt like the result and i closed canopy.

Aires F-5E detail set were used for landing gear bays. Resin nose gear bay fits normal but main landing gear bays thicker than kits one. Not for wing size. It needs a lot of cutting and sanding. Also i added some wire to simulate hyraulic lines.

All white antennas are hand made from plastic.

Wing tip fuel tank navigation lights are made with clear plastic parts. There is no clear parts for this lights. Also beacon lights on tail was made with extra clear plastic.

Martin Baker MK16 seat is hand made from plastic.

Pilot is from PJ Production F-16/F-18 pilots.

SUU-20 training pod is from Hasegawa Aircraft Weapons:A

All paints are Vallejo acrylics.

Decals are from TANDECAL – TD48002