Some steps of Tanmodel RF-84F building:

Cleaning of the cockpit parts.


Cleaning of the nice detailed camera equipment parts.


All parts glued, sanded and cleaned.


Nose wheel well bay parts has some injection marks need to fill. All circles were filled with round evergreen plastics punched proper size and sanded.


Cockpit parts assembled with addition spare pilots parts. Parachute bags from epoxy putty.

img_4089 img_4090 img_4091 img_4095 img_4097

Camera bay were detailed with some plastic.

img_4101 img_4102

Some metal wires were added as a power supply. They are going to correct after final assembly of the camera parts.

img_4112 img_4111

Panel line details are really good and precise but some of them weak or missing. I remarked all lines need to rescribe.

img_4103 img_4106 img_4108

Clear parts added to camera and i also added some more detail  according to references. Added materials are evergreen plastic, streched sprue and some masking tape.

img_4110 img_4109

Air intake assembly is little tricky. You must position inner part really precise during fuselage assembly which is very difficult. I attached the inner part to one side of the fuselage dryfit and crosscheck from the other side. After correct position found i glued inner part to one side. This way is more safe in my opinion.

img_4114 img_4115 img_4116

Camera bay doors removed. Cutting phase is very critical. If you cut little more than normal, orijinal door will not fit proper as i did its my mistake.

img_4118 img_4119 img_4120

Main wheel well areas were detailed with some wire.


Camera area painted black than after clear coat.

img_4123 img_4124 img_4127 img_4129

All detail painting and also chipping made with a brush and acrylics. Then after sealed with flat coat. Decals are from my spare stencils box to make more realistic.

img_4143 img_4145 img_4146

Cockpit parts painted grey and than clear coat. Note the instrument panel. Every gauges were drilled to prepare for next steps.


Drilled gauges were filled with kits decal. All gauge decals punched carefully for proper gauges.


Wheel well bays painted interrior green and clear coat.

img_4130 img_4131

Same process  for detail painting.


Cameras painted proper colors.


Seat and pilot painted and then clear coat. After a day drying time all detail painting was made with acrylics and a brush. Pilots heads, arms and bodies are collection different plastic pilots. Seat belts are from metal band.

img_4134 img_4135 img_4153 img_4154 img_4155 img_4156

Cameras after detail painting and chipping with help of nice Tanmodel kit instruction reference page. Again decals for detailing from other spare kits decal.

img_4157 img_4159 img_4160 img_4161 img_4162

Cockpit detail is really nice. Looks like extra detail set after painting.

img_4163 img_4164 img_4165 img_4167 img_4168 img_4169

And fuselage is ready for assemble

img_4149 img_4171

No fitting problem during fuselage assemble. But assemble of cameras are not easy.

img_4176 img_4172

As you see there are gaps between front door and fuselage because my cutting mistake. Front camera door size extended with streched sprue to minimize gap.

img_4178 img_4180 img_4181 img_4182 img_4183 img_4184

Glare shield was detailed with some plastic. Behind of gauges i added some rods to imitate aft of instrument panel. And also some cable works. Than painted, drybrushed, detailed.

img_4185 img_4186 img_4187 img_4188 img_4189 img_4190 img_4191

Compass detail is also extra. Metal wire glued end of small cylinder rod. And of course compass decal.

img_4192 img_4193 img_4194

Canopy is really nice and clear. Fits easily. Tanmodel gives two option for canopy. Open canopy is 3 parts and closed one as my choice.

img_4195 img_4196 img_4198

I glued canopy first with Tamiya extra thin. After dried i added some ca glue from outer side to make more strong attachment. After ca glue is dried i sanded all junction. And resicribed canopy lines more precise.

img_4199 img_4201

Result is acceptable.

img_4205 img_4207 img_4209

Lower camera window is right on the joining line. Therefore fitting is difficult. Gap occuring after joining. After gluing it needs good sanding than rescribing and after polishing.



I glued fins first. They are fitting normal. After dried i clean the parts to remove sprue marks.

img_4210 img_4211

Nose tip is clear part for front camera. Little fitting problem occuring during attachment. Gaps filled with ca glue. Than sanded and polished.


Side cameras attached only with patafix for painting phase. I am going to make all camera windows are open.


Ready for painting.

img_4214 img_4215 img_4218


Vallejo Grey Primer 74601 first. After a day drying time Vallejo Metal Color Alluminium 77701 applied. After a day drying time black, red, grey tail tip and dark green airbrushed with help of masking tape.

Chipping was made with a very thin brush over black surfaces. Color was used is Dark grey for chipping.

Finally all panel lines marked up with pencil.

img_4219 img_4220 img_4221 img_4222 img_4223

Chipping was made with orange color over red areas, interior green for green glareshiel. And finally same alluminium color was used metal chipping with same way.

img_4224 img_4225 img_4226 img_4227 img_4229 img_4231 img_4232img_4239 img_4240

External tanks:

I made freehand green camouflage for right tank. Same chipping method. Left tank painted standart RF/F-84F tank colors.

img_4233 img_4234 img_4235 img_4236 img_4237

Very thick clear coat applied all surfaces. At least a day or more drying time is needed for decal application. I used mostly Tanmodel kits decal. Some stencils from Icarus F/RF-84F stencil data.

After all applications dried all decals sealed with another coat of thick clear coat. And another day for drying.

img_4241 img_4243 img_4245 img_4247 img_4248 img_4250 img_4253 img_4254 img_4255 img_4256

Oil paint weathering:

White or light grey oil paint for black surface weathering. Black oil paint weathering for metal surfaces.How much oil paint applied is depends your wish. You can easly delete with odorless turpentine.

img_4257 img_4258 img_4259 img_4260 img_4261 img_4262 img_4263 img_4264 img_4265 img_4267

After gear strut painting i added some wire with help of masking tape.

img_4269 img_4270

After painting.


Nice pylons.


Tanmodel gives you movable flight control surface as shown.


And final touch:

Flat coat. Now all weathering applications looks real.

img_4271 img_4276 img_4277 img_4278 img_4279 img_4281 img_4284


The end.