Turkish Air Force F-16C Block 50 151.Filo


Hasegawa 1/48 scale F-16C kit box numbered 07232. Well detailed engraved panel lines, some small fitting problems, seam line along the two part canopy. No detail in the landing gear and gear bays. Air intake is 4 peaces. Thatswhy to make intake seamless is very difficult. Cockpit side panels good detailed but instrument panel and glare shield are too small. I preferred resin instead of the orijinal seat. Given weapons suitable for SEAD  (Suppression of Enemy Air Defences) operation F-16 but i convert the weapons for SEAD Training Mission to make this F-16C. Dummy AGM-88, Dummy AIM-9 and ACMI Pod. Paints are Vallejo Acrylics, clear varnish Tamiya X-22, mat varnish is Microscale. Decals are Caracal Models

I did some modifications to make more detailed finish;

Instrument panel Multi Function Display was created from plastic card and glare shield expanded to make its normal width.

Seam line over canopy was deleted  with sand paper, polished with nail polishing sponge.

Canopy inside was detailed by using plastic, putty and some wire.

I changed the canopy color. To make this i used mix of (%90) Tamiya X-22, (%5) Tamiya Smoke X-19, (%5) Tamiya Clear Yellow X-24. This mixture was sprayed to canopy with airbrush only one layer but thick as possible.

Landing gear bays and strut was detailed using combination of stretched sprue, wire, cable and some plastic parts.

Air intake was made seamless as possible after a lot of putty-sanding-painting process.

Strong metal wire was used for static dischargers.


Evergreen plastic parts were added to detail inside of exhaust nozzle. Afterburner assembly was imitated from another model. Burned effect was made with dry pastel.

Radome and Radar Homing and Warning Sensors are  product of Royal Resin.

IFF Antennas and its base are Evergreen plastic.

And finished model.